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Stone Cleaning & Polishing

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Stone Repair

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Stone Repair

Life happens, accidents happen and your beautiful stone surface may have become damaged.
Has an accidental impact chipped your stone benchtop or floor surface?


Stone Sealing

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Stone Sealing

Stone surfaces are by nature extremely porous and are predisposed to staining, dirt and mould build up through normal use

Mirror Image Marble is Melbourne’s most reputable and trusted stone restoration company, with a proven track record for providing excellence in stone repairs, restoration, maintenance and cutting-edge stone protection technology to Melbourne’s most discerning private clients, builders, architects and designers for over 30 years.
Mirror Image Marble is an Australian owned and family run business backed by decades of experience and advanced technology. Here at Mirror Image Marble, we believe in providing our clients a service based on old core values and professionalism.

Restoring Natural Stone Surfaces Back to its Former Glory

As luxurious as these stone finishes are, the natural porosity of materials such as marble and limestone make them susceptible to staining, etching, chipping and general wear and tear over time. Mirror Image Marble has a highly qualified and professional team of skilled workers. Longevity in the industry has seen us gain the reputation as being the “go to” company when expert help is required to deal with difficult and challenging stone restoration problems.

MIM delivers outstanding, cost effective results for both residential and commercial projects throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. No job is too big or too small for our team.

We rejuvenate and revitalise all types of stone surfaces including quartzite, granite, limestone, onyx, terrazzo, travertine and marble, as well as engineered stone including, but not limited to, Caesarstone, Smartstone, Quantum Quartz and Essastone.

Melbourne’s Experts in Stone Polishing and Sealing

Utilising advanced products and equipment, you can be confident that we can restore your interior and exterior stone surfaces to their former glory. We specialise polishing and sealing in kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, stone floors and walls, marble showers, stone tables, entry foyers, stone pool surrounds and much more.

For commercial properties, first impressions are everything. So it is important that your stone surfaces are kept in optimal condition. Mirror Image Marble can restore and beautify your stone entry foyers, reception desks and lift lobbies, marble toilets and bathroom surfaces. Not to mention any stone food preparation areas, bars, dining or boardroom tables.

Mirror Image Marble service all of your stone requirements, including reconstituted stone, offering an extensive range of

Stone cleaning

Stone Sealing

Stone Repairing

restoration and advanced stone protection solutions for your stone benchtops, bathroom vanities, bars, walls and floors.

Outstanding service quality – Renowned in the stone restoration industry

Our old fashioned work ethic means that customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and as such we are always ready to offer professional, cost effective advice to alleviate concerns and to ensure that the optimal end result for your project is achieved.

Call us on 03 9532 1758 or to discuss your stone restoration needs. We can inspect your stone and offer our professional advice, as well as provide an obligation free quote at a mutually convenient time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You do need to have your marble sealed with a good quality sealer. Marble is a relatively soft, and porous stone that will absorb liquids leading to staining and discolouration.

Mirror Image Marble offers cutting edge technology to provide superior stone protection against staining and etching for all of your stone requirements.

Yes! You absolutely can select marble for your kitchen benchtop and bathroom vanities. However, if you don’t use a good quality protective sealer on your marble, then expect it to stain and understand that to keep it looking its best it will require regular re-polishing and maintenance. We highly recommend marble be sealed with our advanced stone protection technology. Our highly trained team will advise which protection product is the most suitable and cost effective way to ensure years of worry free enjoyment of your beautiful stone surface.
It’s best not to. Most scouring pads will scratch the surface of natural stone and impact the finish. It’s better to use just a clean cotton cloth. If you feel scouring is necessary, feel free to call us first to seek advice.
No! Reconstituted stone such as Caesarstone, Essa Stone, Smart Stone, Quantum Quartz and other imported reconstituted stone benchtops should not require sealing.

Most brands offer a warranty and in fact some may void your warranty if you seal it. If staining does occur, we recommend calling the manufacturer and if you require further assistance, call us at Mirror Image Marble to help determine the right solution for you.

Mirror Image Marble is proud to be a recommended applicator associated with Clearstone and Sheerstone protection products which have received national and international recognition as market leaders in stone sealing and coating.

Guaranteed for 10 years, such ultra-sheer, 100% clear coating systems can be applied to porous stones such as marble, travertine, limestone etc. with precision, giving peace of mind to enjoy your stone investment for years to come.

By sealing your kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities we guarantee:-
*A totally sealed surface that has outstanding stain proof and etch proof qualities including protection from everyday items such as red wine, vinegar, lemon juice, soy sauce, soap scum, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, nail polish remover and perfumes etc
*A 100% hygienic surface that does not harbor bacteria
*A completely smooth surface sealing and covering open fissures, cavities, faults and joins
*A worry free practical stone surface that looks totally natural
*An invisible coating that can be finished to the same appearance as natural honed stone, or finished to varying levels of gloss as required.

Both Clearstone and Sheerstone are ideal for kitchen benchtops, laundry benchtops, bathroom vanities, bars, dining, coffee and side tables. The experienced team at Mirror Image Marble will advise on the most suitable and cost effective product to suit your stone surface requirements.

No in most cases it does not look any different, but the coating can occassionally enhance some stone and bring out the natural characteristics. The highly trained team at Mirror Image Marble will advise on the best stone protection product to use to maintain the look of your existing stone surface.

Following the initial curing of the stone coating, the surface attains a hardness of approximately 2 [similar to that of limestone] on a MOH scale [used for stone] of 1 to 10 with the maximum hardness of approximately 4-5 [similar to that of marble] being reached by three months, depending on the local temperatures.

Scratches may occur prior to full surface hardening but these can be easily removed.

Whilst one of the additives in the stone protection is an exclusive clear fire retardant, it is not recommended to place hot pans or hot dishes directly on the surface.

Yes the stone can be repolished at any time. If you wish to change the level of gloss the surface just needs to be re sanded and then polished to the level required.
The stone coating is extremely hard wearing and is simply maintained by using soapy water to remove any spills.

We always recommend the use of a chopping board.

Do not use sharp knives directly on the benchtops surface.