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Kitchen MarbleStone Kitchen Bench-tops

Over time, your beautiful stone bench-top or vanity can start to show signs of wear.  Polished natural stone and even reconstituted stone can become dull, scratched and sometimes even stained, due to using the wrong type of cleaning product or spillages not promptly cleaned up.  Some chemical cleaners and the use of harsh scourers to remove marks can leave obvious scratches and dull patches on the stone bench surface.

We can clean and polish these marks, stains and dull patches away, returning your beautiful stone surface back to its original glory.  Contact us now to discuss your stone polishing needs.

Call the experts at Mirror Image Marble to hone or polish your stone kitchen bench-top surfaces restoring its natural beauty and elegance.

We also offer a special stone protection called I.C. Stone Protection which is a specially formulated polyester based resin that can be applied to many types of natural stone including marble and sandstone providing it with exceptional protection.  I.C. Stone Protection is water clear and is finished in a manner that does not look artificial.  It offers outstanding etch and stain proofing qualities for your natural stone surfaces.

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