IC Stone Protection

Restore your stone bench to its original pristine appearance and permanently protect it with our I.C. Stone Protection

A specially formulated polyester based resin system which is water clear that can be applied to many types of natural stones including marble, limestone, sandstone etc. The protection is applied using specifically developed layers to afford the stones surface outstanding stain and chemical resistance.

The IC Stone Protection is finished in such a manner that it does not look artificial or plastic coated and appears as a natural stone factory finish.

Ideal for bar tops, kitchen tops, vanity tops.

The protection can be either applied prior to or following installation of a new top, subject to particular onsite circumstances, such as size or site joints etc.

The protection can also be applied to an existing top to restore a damaged surface.

Note: We recommend that a sample piece of the selected stone be submitted for trial with our composite prior to applying it to the main product, or contact us for advice.

1. The stone surface is ground to ensure the protection can bond satisfactorily.

2. The stone surface is chemically cleaned and dried to ensure it is dust and moisture free.

3. The stone surface is covered with 3 specially developed layers.

  • IC Stone Protection Prime Layer ICSPPL-071 (Yellow)
  • IC Stone Protection Top Layer ICSPTL-073 (Red)

Once the top layer has set/dried, the stone bench top may be used prior to finishing.

4. The stone protection is fine sanded and polished to the required level of gloss.

Our ‘Honed’ finish is recommended for a natural stone look; however the stone protection can be polished to any level of gloss.

Following the initial curing of the stone protection, the surface attains a hardness of approximately 2 [similar to that of limestone] on a MOH scale [used for stone] of 1 to 10 with the max.hardness of approximately 3.5 – 4 [similar to that of marble] being reached by three months, depending on the local temperatures. Scratches may occur prior to full surface hardening but these can be easily removed.

Whilst one of the additives in our stone protection is an exclusive clear fire retardant, it is not recommended to place hot pans or hot dishes directly on the surface – always use a protective mat.

These are variable questions and would need to be assessed job by job. In the case of onsite application in particular we would need to take into consideration the size, location and any other constraints or circumstances. Please contact us to discuss further.

Yes! The surface can be repolished as per step [4] at any time.

If in extraordinary circumstances the surface has become heavily scratched it can be recoated with the I.C. Stone Protection Top Layer.

Note: If the I.C. Stone Protection is damaged in a small area it can be locally repaired.

Yes, the IC Stone Protection Prime layer can be coloured, tinted or filled with stone granules for repairs before the ‘Base Prime’ coat is applied.

The stone protection is a hardwearing durable surface that is easy to maintain using soapy water or standard cleaning materials, - spills simply wipe off.

Note: Do not use sharp knifes or blades directly on the bench top’s surface – always use a chopping board.

I.C. Stone Protection should only be applied by Mirror Image Marble.

The stone protection has been developed specifically for marble, limestone and sandstone. However, it may be possible to coat some granites but it is recommended that a sample be subjected for trial with our coating. Please contact us for further information.
Marble and Limestone are composed of calcite which is highly sensitive to acid spills which corrodes the surface [etching] thus damaging the polished or honed finish. Some Marble and Limestone can also be porous and susceptible to staining. Stones such as unfilled ‘Travertine’ have natural cavities which can be filled with clear composite to highlight the features in the stone. Stones such as Sandstone and Basalts are not receptive to a high honed or polished finish and are easily susceptible to staining. The application of our IC Stone Protection enriches the colours and veins of such materials and makes them suitable as a bench top surface.

I.C. STONE PROTECTION allows the freedom of choice to use marble, limestone, sandstone, and other stones for their beauty and opulent characteristics.

IC Stone Protection is a special formulation with the following features:

  • A totally sealed surface that has outstanding stain and etch proofing qualities.
  • A totally hygienic surface that will not harbour bacteria or odours.
  • Fills open fissures, cavities and faults.
  • Covers over joints to give a seamless surface.
  • The coating can be finished to the same appearance as natural ‘Honed’ stone, or finished to varying levels of gloss equivalent to a higher polished stone.
  • A worry free practical work surface which does not look artificial.
  • Increased scope for Architects, Designers and Consumers in material selection.

IC Stone Protection is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications for either rejuvenating old stone or protecting new stones, used particularly in areas such as bars, kitchens and bathrooms.

I. C. Stone Protection turns Marble into an Elegant Working Surface.